It is always better to have nice fit collar than over/undersized. As the mother nature law that our pooches like to chew, we happily suggest to measure the collar first before purchase so there will be no collar excess to get chewed (#kidding). A properly sized collar should allow two fingers to snugly fit between the collar and the dog’s neck. 

When selecting collar, please refer to the chart below:

Size chart roverhound.PNG


Our bandanas are manually hand-tied, we can adjust to our preferred length to each cat/dog personally.

Size chart roverhound 2.PNG


Each dog/cat might have different body shape, if you doubting your size preference, chat us will ya mate?!!But remember, every curve is beautiful!

Size chart roverhound 1.PNG

Body Harness

Beauty comes in all sizes. So does our customized body harness. Easy have some measuring tape/ribbon to round around body girth (behind front leg), advised to wear it fit size or if you prefer wear some clothes/ suit underneath body harness you may want to add to one size higher, you make the call. 

harness size.PNG

Human Shirts

It's totally normal sizing like you usually wear:

human shirt.PNG