Roverhound = Rover (wanderer/ traveler…) + Hound (dog/canine…)

Established on November 2015, after our cat Jasper missing, tag-less. We decided that no pet owner should feel bad about them self of not putting pet-tag anymore, so we made campaign about how important to put tag on the pet. We focused on designer pet tag-collar that the owner can also enjoy shopping for it.

The word “rover” comes from the name Curiosity Rover, a NASA self-explorer robot that currently exploring planet Mars. We want Cats and Dogs to be able to wander and roam around freely, for them to be uncaged so that they are able to explore like Curiosity Rover.

Our pet cant talk human, but the collar they wear carry their identity. Thus, we focused on custom item that every owner can put tag ID on the stuff that purchased for their pet. This not only for security issue, Rover’s made from fine material make sure it fits as fashion statement. Over the year, our products is expanding not only basic collar for pets, but we serve other custom items for pet and their human as well. Because thanks to you, we will keep innovating.